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Terms & Conditions

1.   Only the maximum of 25 (twenty five) participants per group, as the minimum of 12 (twelve), shall be accepted in the course.

2.   CTRD reserves the right to postpone all the courses that don’t achieve the minimum number of participants.

3.   The registration will not be validated until the participant attaches the proofs of payment and professional or academic status.

4.   To receive the certificate of completion, the course attendance must be equal or greater to 80% of its total lenght. Otherwise, the learner will just receive a certificate of participation.

5.   If the participant could not attend to the course, CTRD gives him/ her the option to attend the next edition with no extra charges. The maximum number of participants per group shall nevertheless be exceeded.

6.   In adverse situations, due to an exceptional ocurrence properly confirmed, the participant will have the right to receive the total amount paid’s refund.

7.   Regarding to quitting the course, the participant could only request the cancellation of his/ her registration and its respective reimbursement within the next 7 (seven) workdays as from the payment date.

7. 1  After this 7 (seven) days deadline, the participant’s registration could only be a) used in the course’s next edition or b) passed to another’s person name coverage through a letter signed by both the participant and his/ her substitute. Otherwise, CTRD will not refund the amount paid by the participant.

8.   CTRD will only have to reimburse the amount paid by the participant in case of proceeding to the cancelation of the course without its later replacement.

9.   Thus, by signing the present document, the participant is commited to declare he/she has carefully read and accepted all the terms and conditions of the course.

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